Body Fever: Learning to Love My Body? With Devamrita Swami

Do you love your body? Should you love your body? Whose body do you love? Has society been hit with a dose of body fever?

Maddened by the waves of body consciousness, the fever is rising. Urban monk and international Bhakti teacher and speaker Devamrita Swami will strip bare the facts with a dose of cooling yoga wisdom to combat the heat!

Travelling the globe for 50 years, visiting every habitable continent to share and teach the wisdom of higher-happiness principles and practice, Devamrita Swami describes himself in one interview as “a talent scout”: “I’m looking for persons who want to go beyond the hum-drum. [..] To go deep within and uncover what is real happiness, beyond the body and mind”.

Listen to a recent interview with Devamrita Swami here: https://www.abc.net.au/radio/melbourne/programs/melbourneweekends/devamrita-swami/10933982

Don’t miss this special and exciting opportunity to cross paths with a monk! We hope to see you there!

Book now on our website. $10 includes talk and dinner and dessert.

See you there!

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