Our Meditation Confusion

HelpMeditationMadness 2

Waiting by a window
Feeling down and blue
All because I haven’t heard from you . . .
And then my mama said . . .

“How are you going to get respect—when you haven’t begun to meditate yet!”

Stalking you, the meditation evangelists apparently have incarnated everywhere. At the workplace, boardroom, yoga class, university campus, family get-together, and even church event—the meditation crusaders are ready to redeem you...

Late at night, while you’re sleeping, the mindfulness priests come creeping . . .

Concentrate on a candle flame.

Stare at a wall.

Visualise the greatest light and the darkest night.

Make up a sound and repeat it attentively twenty minutes, twice daily: “Coca-Pepsi, Coca-Pepsi.”

Focus upon dissolving your mind.

Melt away into the null and void.

What—uninterested? Not even curious? Which one are you—Neanderthal or flat-earther?

The meditation boom, in all its flavours, has mushroomed throughout the First World. Even at the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the attending C.E.O. mighty grey-hairs and global financial elites could opt for an early morning guided meditation session.

The prime motivator for the meditation and mindfulness upsurge is obvious: stress overload—at home, on the job, in our personal affairs. The global economic uncertainty drags on while anxiety at the workplace intensifies yearly. For both managers and their staff, the nonstop pressure mounts: produce profit or get out.

Seeking relief through relationships? Yes, social bonding has traditionally served as the natural balm for the wounded human psyche. But now it offers little of the old-fashioned duration of solace and support. Tension, fear, and competitiveness pervade friendships and even romance. Whom can you depend on for long? read more

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