Your Bhakti Lounge teachers Muni, Radhika, Vraja, Bala, Ananda and Gita are teaming up to give you a week full of revitalising yoga classes! There is a lot of information here, so take your time to read through and of course we are here to help with any questions.

We are jumping from 4 classes a week, to 24 AND offering some of our classes online too!

Check out our website to buy your yoga bundle, and sign up to “Momoyoga”- a booking system which will make your yoga practice a whole lot easier! If you buy from our website then we will be registering you into Momoyoga. Please keep an eye out for your activation email, and you can download the app for your convenience to book in and buy future passes.

You’ll notice there are a lot of bundles to choose from. We just want to make sure we have everyone covered with a great deal! Our special launch deal is 3 classes for $30- that’s 50% off!* – Grab one today!

You’ll notice we have online classes. Please bear with us while we discover the best way to deliver these to you. Some classes will be offered through zoom during the in-studio class, and the Saturday and Sunday 9am classes will be online only. If we have a lot of interest for online classes then we will be happy to try and facilitate some more. Our special deal to celebrate the launch is 5 online classes for $50- save $25!*

If you attend our 5:15pm and 6:15pm classes, you are welcome to stay for a delicious vegan dinner at 7:15pm, courtesy of Bhakti Lounge. For our Vital Yogis we are offering dinner at a discounted price of $5 (pay at reception on arrival). Contact us at for more info or call us on 020 4191 5046.

Take charge of your health, find balance and develop strength with Vital Yoga!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Warm regards,

Your team at Vital Yoga

*One pass per person for Special Deals. Pass lasts for 3 weeks from purchase. Offer ends 8th of June 2020.