Attention: The Great Vanishing Act and How to Bring It Back

Tue. 18 September 2018, 6:15pm — Tue. 25 September 2018

Attention! The great vanishing act - and how to bring it back!

This Tuesday Yogalosophy workshop series will explore how we are all vanishing! How is that so? When we loose our attention span, we lose ourselves.

One of the greatest assets we have in life is our ability to give our attention. Wherever our attention is directed we see progress - in relationships, in our career, in our ability to show compassion for others. When attention is given, enlightenment can take place.

Join Ananda Chandra and Bal Gopal, who are both striving for recovery from an attention-sucking-internet-fever!

They will share several secret attention giving methods from ancient eclectic sources, offer lifestyle directions and together make a plan to do a Facebook fast for the duration of the series (you are welcome to join them)!

There is a huge life of excitement waiting for us when we give our attention to the highest themes of existence! Kindly lend your attention in this way and discover!

Tuesday 18th Sept 6.15pm

Tuesday 24th Sept 6.15pm

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