Golden Sound Festival

Thu. 21 March 2019, 5:30pm , 11:00pm

Get your groove on for the GOLDEN SOUND FESTIVAL! This is set to be the loudest, funkiest soul-sound festival to kick off the year!


Since this whole festival is all about the good vibrations, we're sending you in to a sound-tizzy with our popular yoga with live acoustic music, heaps of kirtan mantra music to keep you dancing 'til late, a (hilarious) romantic drama based on love and technology, a HUUUUGE South Indian vegan feast.. and finally a golden sparkling cake to mark this special celebration!


What is the special occasion? Golden Sound Festival is the birthday of the pioneer of kirtan (music mantra meditation), Caitanya Mahaprabhu, who danced and chanted all around the nine islands of Navadvipa in Bengal, India. His mission? For the whole world to experience the bliss of kirtan and it's cleansing effects on the soul.

Drop in at 5.30pm for yoga with live music (booking essential, go to


Yoga $10, includes festival.


OR join the party at 5.30pm by paying $10 at the door.

Can't wait to party with you all!!!

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