Every first Monday of the month: Ayurveda workshops

Every second Monday of the month: Yoga Psychology

Every third Monday of the month: Jam Night

Every last Monday of the month: Visualisation Guided Meditation


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yogalosophyLive to Question! That's what Tuesday nights at Bhakti Lounge are all about.

Why live a 'normal' life, following the routine course of activities like sheep?

Think, question and discover the unique potential of the human consciousness in our Yogalosophy workshop and discussion nights.

Sift through the timeless wisdom of yoga texts, which provide knowledge that is highly relevant to the world's situation today.

Discuss conscious solutions to personal, environmental, economic, political, social and global problems.

No one likes small talk. So let's be for real.

Elevate your consciousness now!

Join us every Tuesday at 6.15pm followed by delicious veg dinner!
(Watch the event discussion panel on Facebook to find out the topic for each week)

Tuesday 6.15pm


6.15pm Workshop + Dinner: $10