Monday 23rd September
6:15pm $15

Ready for a meditation experience that is super relaxing and easy? Come lay yourself down in our aromatic, ambient space and experience the deep nourishment and peace of immersion in non-material sound for an hour at the end of your day. Our instructors will lead a guided meditation combining melodic voices, harmonious instruments and singing bowls to produce a potent non-material soundscape to cleanse and purify your mind and consciousness, leaving you feeling nourished at the deepest layer of the self. All you have to do is lie down, and relax into the sound.

In yoga the self is described as a leaf on the tree of the complete non-material reality, and that the only way the leaf is nourished is by watering the tree at the root. The sounds we will be using are watering the root of that tree – the non-material source of all energy and pleasure, the supreme consciousness, Krishna.

If you prefer to sit, that is fine, we have comfortable meditation floor chairs. We recommend wearing comfortable clothing so you can relax.
Please switch off all cellphones before entering the meditation room so that you can fully unplug for the session.

Doors sales are $20 subject to availability on the night.

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