That’s us upstairs! Nice to have some sun in the capital! 🌞 We are OPEN for Labour day on Monday so you can rest, rejuvenate and get your yoga in over the long weekend.

“Real knowledge means understanding the difference between spirit and matter.” - A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Amakaya mid-afternoon at Bhakti Lounge reading ‘The Science of Self-Realisation’.

“Sea levels and temperatures are rising like never before, species of life, fresh water, top soil all disappearing at rates scientists haven't seen in recent human history. Are we really making progress? We've destroyed our own habitat and we don't seem to be able to do anything about it, despite our efforts. Only an extraordinary spiritual process can counteract the deep set patterns of our behaviour, which are the root cause of the crises. We welcome everyone of the world to Bhakti Yoga, a world of superior sense activity, a world where we can actively make a real difference.” Transcription from a video by travelling monk and spiritual educator Devamrita Swami. Link in our bio for the full video 🌱🌿🍃

In between her daily run and yoga routine, Prema let’s us know what’s happening at the Yoga Anatomy workshop series part 1 this coming Monday at @bhakti_lounge_wellington 💪🏼🤸🏼‍♂️

Kirtan is uplifting! Everyone needs some kirtan in their life. Come and meditate with us, 6pm tonight followed by delicious veggie dinner.

All our milk 🥛 at Bhakti Lounge is supplied by these lovely cows 🐄 who are loved for the entirety of their natural lives❤️. The Sacred Cows documentary is definitely worth a watch. Ahimsa farm in Kaiwaka, NZ is doing big things! Full documentary in the link in our bio ☝🏽

Sometimes we like to make posters with a punch 🤛. If you’re feeling anything like this dude, maybe it’s time for some enlivening yoga , blissful mantra meditation and to top it all off, a knock out veggie feast - that’s Soulfeast in a nutshell. We’re excited to see you tonight!



5pm - Yoga, in the yoga room 45min

5:45pm - Soul Feast, in the lounge 75min


5pm - Yoga, in the yoga room

5pm - Meditation, in the lounge 30min

6pm - Yoga, in the yoga room 75min

6pm - Variety of workshops, in the lounge 75min


5pm - Yoga, in the yoga room 45min

5pm - Meditation, in the lounge 30min

6pm - Yoga, in the yoga room 75min

6pm - Meditation, in the lounge 30min

6:30pm - Think Out Loud Workshop, in the lounge 75min


5pm - Yoga, in the yoga room 45min

5pm - Meditation, in the lounge 30min

6pm - Yoga, in the yoga room 75min

6pm - Kirtan, in the lounge 75min