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About Us.

Our story

Wellington's conscious lounge for yoga, music mantra meditation, inspire-me workshops, retreats and plant-based eats. Bhakti Lounge is a hub of volunteer energy, run 100% by volunteer staff who love what they do! Bhakti Lounge is a relaxed and warm environment where you can be yourself and take as much as you need to find peace of mind and connection.

Our food

Divine flavours, irresistible taste, unforgettable experience. This is how people rave about our homemade and plant-based dinners and desserts! Served at 7.15 pm every Monday-Wednesday and at 7 pm on Sundays. Enjoy your dinner with friends after a yoga class or workshops.

Get Involved.

Mahi aroha

Work for the love of it, not for the paycheck. We are 100% run by volunteer energy and to keep Bhakti Lounge lively we need the help of amazing volunteers like you to pitch in and share the love around! New volunteers usually do things like assisting in the kitchen, vacuuming, tidying the space, serving out the evening dinner and dessert and helping with dishes. If you would like to give back to the community, with an amazing team that loves what they do, please contact us below and let's have a chat.

Send a Message

Reach out and get in touch - we love hearing from you! Either drop a comment below or give us a call if you have questions and we'd be happy to have a chat.