Exhale Meditation

Mondays 5.45pm

Take a break from the constant stimulation of screentime, work and responsibilities and reconnect with yourself and your cosmic context through breath, contemplation, space and mantra (sound therapy).

Mantra Meditation

Tuesdays 5.45pm

Feeling beads for meditation on spoken word is an ancient process used by many traditions to support concentration and absorption of body, mind and consciousness. Chanting with a circle of beads also regulates your meditation practice so that you are getting a measured dose to boost your state of mind into the transcendental every day.

Unplug Meditation

Wednesdays 5.45pm

Lie down and melt with guided breath and body releasing. With ancient sound therapy we’ll guide you into total relaxation, soothing the actual self lying beyond both body and mind. You don’t have to do anything but lie down and soak it all up!

All sessions are 25 minutes.


  • Drop in meditation: $5
  • 5.45pm meditation + 6.15pm yoga: $20 student, $25 regular
  • 5.45pm meditation + 6pm workshop: $10 student, $15 regular

*All prices include dinner and dessert